Below are some frequently asked questions we hope you find useful:

My dog is a very social pet. Could he have some play time with some others?

You’re in luck! We at PPK strongly agree in allowing dogs to socialise with both humans and other dogs. The dogs are let out 3 times a day to make new friends, run and play under strong supervision by members of staff at PPK. If your dog does not enjoy the social aspect of things then we will take him/her out on his/her own to have a nice play with us. We find socialising the dogs keeps both them and us happy!

What vaccinations does my pet need to board with you at PPK?

All pets need to be up-to-date with both their rabies vaccination and their combination vaccination (DHPPi for dogs and PCT for cats) as well as Kennel cough (Bordetella). They will also need some form of flea & tick protection such as Frontline.

My pets are very connected. Can they share a kennel together?

Yes, your pets can share a kennel as long as they are the same species! There is a 15% sharing discount if two pets share a kennel and a 20% sharing discount if three or more pets are sharing a kennel.

Could I pick up/ bring my dog on Friday?

Definitely not. We will not be there throughout Friday, and even though our staff are still on site, we will not allow any pet(s) to enter/exit Pampered Pets without our approval/supervision.

I need to extend my holiday, will this be a problem?

If the date that you were planning on picking up your pet(s) changes at all please contact PPK as soon as you can to re-arrange a different date. If we are not reachable on the phone then please send an email. There’s no need to worry about additional payments until you pick your pet(s) up. We at PPK do understand that a holiday can be extended – whether it’s due to circumstances or you just having a good time!

My pet has been ill and is on medication. Could he still board with PPK and could you administer the medicine?

As long as the illness is not severe or contagious we will allow your pet into our kennel – as long as your pet is up-to-date on his/her vaccinations, of course! We pass on the medication to Arnie (our head worker) who will make sure the medicine is given at the requested times. As a result, there is a Qr 5 per day charge for any medicine that needs to be given. This is checked by us at PPK to ensure that the medicine is given.

I have a male dog and he is not neutered. Can he still board with PPK?

Un-neutered males can be aggressive or cause aggression in others (boys will be boys!) This obviously raises some caution in bringing your pet in to board with us at PPK . We have come to a conclusion that we will not accept any un-neutered males into our kennels during peak seasons – Summer, December Etc. We will however let him board with us when we are off season. Depending on the nature of your dog, and the others around him, he may or may not be socialised with the others. We strongly recommend neutering your pet.

I have a female dog and she is not spayed. Can she still board with you at PPK?

As spaying an animal is a much more complex procedure than neutering, we do not require females that board with us to be spayed. It is still a recommendation, however.

My pet only eats his/her own food. Can I bring food from home to PPK?

Although we have found that most of the pets that board with us love our food, you can always bring your own – of course this would apply if your pet has a special diet for any given reason.

What food do you provide? Why?

We provide ‘Coprice’ dry food for the dogs. We like to use this Australian brand due to the fact that it does not contain any unwanted additives, and of course the dogs love it! We provide ‘Meow Mix’ for the cats and they love it just as much. High quality ingredients with essential nutrients and antioxidants also make for the perfect mix of tastes. Both dog and cat foods are accompanied by wet food (of course!) at dinner time, making sure everyone enjoys the catering here at Pampered Pets!

I need to cancel my Summer/December Holiday booking. Can I get a refund on my deposit?

Unfortunately, no. We have a no refund policy on all deposits placed. Please ensure that you fully intend to travel on the given dates before you make the decision to book with us.