Dogs in Doha

Dogs in Doha are a dedicated group whose mission is to re-home rescued dogs from all areas of Qatar. Dogs in Doha, although not having a permanent shelter, works from the numerous foster care families that volunteer their homes and lives to share with the rescues. They have been very successful in re-homing over 1,500 dogs in Qatar and abroad.

There is a constant battle with the high number of abandoned dogs in Qatar. Any effort and donation counts to help these animals find forever homes where they will be safe and feel loved. If you are interested in volunteering your times and services / Adopting a dog / Fostering a dog / Being a flight buddy to deliver a dog to its new home, please contact Dogs in Doha.

Please spare a moment of your time to give them a call and/or email, or visit their website.

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: Vanessa (Qatar) – (+974) 6618 4924

Birgit (Europe) – (+32) 489 438 920

Opening Hours:

Sat – Thu: 8am-5pm           Fri: Closed